This world in which we live in, I mean this large orb called earth has over the past few months been overwhelmed by a virus. Fortunately, I have a degree in Microbiology, and so I quite understand these things. A virus is the smallest known microorganism after the bacterium. Scientists predict its size to be within the range of 20 to 400 nanometers in diameter. This is same as saying the virus is invisible but for the fact that scientists have been able to produce means of seeing them. Other than these means, the virus is invisible. Now I ask, what wonder that the world at this time is ravaged by the invisible? Thousands across the world have been killed and thrown into burrow pits because of something we cannot see. Well, while it is pathetic on the one hand, the other hand holds a good side to this. It is pathetic because many have lost their loved ones, countries like the US, and Spain and Germany are fast losing grip on their economies, Italy is near extinct, schools have been shut down and my neighbour’s daughter has not been taught mathematics for almost two months, churches have been banned from holding services and the pastor who lives down the street has missed the sweet smelling savor of offerings and tithes. A great tension has gripped the world. I sit in my room and all I think of is how I no longer get to see my friends and of how the world has been immobilized. Will this pass away?

The good side of it is that I have learnt about the existence of another world. I will not readily take a broad view of this second world but to an extent, I think this world exists for everyone who lives. This world is inside me, inside us. In this world, there are no continents, no countries, no presidents, no world powers, and no struggle for supremacy. In this world, there isn’t the fear of earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, fire outbreaks, erosions and countless other catastrophic occurrences. In this world, there is no virus, or more precisely, no COVID-19. It is a world of thoughts. Thoughts are powerful and invisible. Thoughts can make or mar. Thoughts created the airplanes, the cars, bicycles, houses, laptops, phones, and numerous other machines. We see these machines but we don’t see the thoughts that brought them into existence. I have learnt to carefully relate with this other world. I have learnt to live inside myself. I have learnt to be invisible, for only the invisible are powerful. Even though I am apprehensive that the invisible COVID-19 will continue to wreck disaster and that this might eventually turn out to be the end of the world, I am empathized by the peace offered by this other world and it is this peace that has kept my body and soul together despite the anxiety sprawling over the earth.

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