Nollywood is about to remake history find out how it’s going to be.

Remember this classic 20th century blockbuster? The movie is going to be remade with 21st century technology for our viewing pleasure! Living In Bondage was produced in Igbo language and released 1992 by Nollywood practitioner Kenneth Nnegbue, and it starred actors like Kenneth Okonkwo (Andy), Kanayo O Kanayo, Bob Manuel-Udokwu, Ngozi Nwosu, Rita Nzelu, Francis Duru etc

Now, veteran Nollywod actor Ramsey Nouah alongside entertainment and business mogul Charles Okpaleke are coming together for the rebirth of the first successful Nollywood movie.

Obinna Nnegbue, Ramsey Nouah, Kenneth Nnegbue and Charles Okpaleke
Both Nouah and Okpaleke are said to have bought the rights to redo the movie from the owner and producer, Kenneth Nnegbue and production of the movie will commence in 2016.

Also, the movie which will be star studded will have casts from Nollywood and Hollywood and it will be shot in three different continents, Africa, Europe and America.

Living in Bondage is often times used as the yard stick used to measure how long Nollywood has been in existence because the production of the film can be said to be the pioneer movie for birth of modern day Nollywood. Such films like Karishika, Yemi My Lover, Glamour Girls, Domitilla and the likes followed shortly after LIB.

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