MessI finally reacts to rivalry with cristiano Ronaldo

The Barcelona star Lionel Messi has spoken about his rivalry with Portuguese International Cristiano Ronaldo.

Speaking in an interview with Yahoo! Messi said he doesn’t see himself as being in competition with Real Madrid star despite heavy comparisons that has clouded the duo career
He said: “These are things that [other] people say.

“I don’t compete with Cristiano and I suppose he would not compete with me — what I want is the very best for my teams and that’s what I am working for.”

Speaking on his knee injury which continues to keep him out of action until the middle of next month, Messi said: “[I will return] when I’m feeling [better] and the doctors tell me that I can.

“I am improving every day without setting myself any targets. I have always said that I don’t set myself any dates because it isn’t up to me.

“As much as I would like to play tomorrow, the doctors wouldn’t let me. When they tell me that I have recovered completely will be the time that I will make my return onto the pitch.

“Being injured is the worst feeling in the world for a sportsman, but right from the start I accepted that I had an injury and that the only thing to do was to recover from it the best way possible.

“Once I’m back in action,I don’t want to look too far ahead in relation to my career because I’m happy here in the Spanish league with Barcelona.

“I have made a little change to diet to keep my performances at the very top level.

As for life away from Barca, Messi refused to accept that his relationship with Argentina will always be one of love-hate.

“The truth is I don’t [accept that], because I know very well that while the majority of us Argentines are very passionate, we also treat the stars who represent us well.

“There are some who insult us and do not value those who play for their country, but even then I don’t reproach them because everyone is entitled to their own opinion.”

With Barcelona due to visit Ronaldo’s Madrid on November 21, Barcelona will be hoping to to have him back for that trip to the Spanish capital.

However, a match-fixing scandal has engulfed the upcoming El Clasico game after an assistant referee scheduled to officiate said he was contacted by the match referee and asked to favour Madrid in the match.

Both Messi and Ronaldo have dominated the game for the best part of the last decade, with the last seven Ballon d’Ors won by one of the two.

However, the Barcelona star tipped to win it back from Ronaldo, who has won it for the last two years.

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