Students desert Imsu hostels as 400 level student is gunned down in cold blood today (warning Graphic photo)

The information reaching us confirmed that an Imo State University (Imsu) Student got shot few hours ago today. the story says he is an outgoing student that is waiting for his NYSC call-up letter which finally came out today, some said he is cult guy and many says he is not..saying he is a quite guy.
But  we don’t know which one is the truth..this is making it the second cult clash incident this year, as earlier this year a 200L student of English and Literally studies Raymond was also gunned in similar circumstance while relaxing with a friend in front of his hostel..
Please we are asking relevant security authorities to please look into the security of Imo State University student residing off camp to avoid further blood shed .still waiting for more details.

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