Tyga already tired of keeping up with Kylie Jenner

American rapper, Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson, popularly known as Tyga is becoming tired of girlfriend, Kylie Jenner.
A source which confided in Hollywoodlife, reports Tyga is fed up of Kyle’s overbearing attitude claims the reality TV star has seen her fame rise up significantly in recent months and is taking it out on her boyfriend.
“Tyga thinks this fame has gone to Kylie’s head because she thinks she knows everything and has become a miniature dictator,” the source tells the site. “She loves telling Tyga to do this and do that and how he should handle his music career. He hates it. All of it, and wants it to stop pronto.”
Meanwhile, Tyga has been making headlines with his relationship with Jenner and his ex, and baby mama, Blac Chyna. Looks like the two could be seeing some trouble in their Hollywood-perfect union. But through it all, the couple continues to share their over-the-top affection for each other.

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