INI Edo set to launch State of the art lounge and it’s not just from here(photos)

 Actress, Ini Edo has affirmed plans to launch her personal luxury lounge in the coming days.

Like some others celebs who are currently delving into side business outside of their fledged careers, Ini Edo drop hints about her proud foray into classy restaurant/club business via her instagram. Aside posting several photos from the hangout on her IG account, the actress has been raving unend about it. Some discerning fans has started dropping congratulatory messages on her timeline.

The outlet  Mimz Lounge will giving a grand opening in  Lekki Lagos on Wednesday, 30th September.

An hour ago, the 33-year-old Nollywood actress announced the launch date, gushing,” #Mimz #anticipation #gratefulheart #christ my hope and strength#”

Congratulations to Ini for her bold move.

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