Drake might be in for a surprise as he extends his beef with meek mill to Nicki Minaj

The Beef between Drake and Meek Mill just got extended to Nicki Minaj after Drake apparently put her on blast in his new mixtape.
Of course, as Meek’s girlfriend and Drake’s former BFF, Nicki Minaj has been caught in the middle of this thing from the start, but thus far she’s chosen not to get involved.
Drake and Future dropped a surprise mix tape last night, and

many are interpreting one of the more popular songs as a diss track aimed at Nicki.

The song, entitled “Diamonds Dancing,” features a verse about an unnamed female friend, and it sure sounds like Drake is issuing some backhanded advice to the woman he used to refer to as his sister:
“How we let it get like this, I don’t know,” Drizzy raps. “But that n–ga can’t save your soul.
“Haven’t even heard from you/How can you live with yourself…Your momma must be ashamed of you/I’m too good for you/You should go back to a perfect match.
“You look drained, you look exhausted/Girl them late nights ain’t good for you/Really starting to show on you/Don’t hit me up when it’s good for you.”
The verse seems to address not only the strained relationship between Drake and Nicki, but also rumors that Nicki has been partying more than ever since dumping Safaree Samuels and hooking up with Meek.
A reply is expected of Nicki Minaj very soon.

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