Man stabs father removing his heart [A MUST READ]

Friday, September 18, was a shocking one for the residents of Abesan Estate in Ipaja area of Lagos state.
A 34-year-old man, Nelson Oamen, allegedly stabbed his 74-year-old father, Ehiremen Oamen, to death, ripping his heart off.
According to a report by The Punch, Nelson, who does not stay in the house, had come into the estate to meet his father, who was always at home due to his fight with stroke. Ehiremen, who has 8 children with Nelson being the fourth, was working with a company in Apapa, when he decided to retire about 5 years ago due to stroke. Nelson, who does not have steady job, a drug addict, has had violent clashes with people in the estate which they have been living for 15 years. He was said to have visited his father at his apartment at about 2pm on the sad day and an argument ensued. Neighbors who spotted the young man before going into their apartment said he went in through the window.
Nelson, who was suspected to be high on drugs, allegedly stabbed his father to death in his bedroom, and covered his body with a blanket. Nelson’s younger sister, who did not want her name in print, discovered their father’s body and raised the alarm after she discovered that there was a deep hole on the left side of his chest after he had been stabbed in several places.
Although the young man is still at large with his father’s heart, the incident has been reported at the Ipaja Police Division. Nelson’s other sister who wanted to remain anonymous said:
“For about five years now, dad had been nursing a stroke, and he could not work again. So, he used to stay at home. Nelson did not have a stable location. He just came to the area on Friday. I was told that he came in through the window before committing the act. It was his younger sister, who has a shop in the area, and came in a few minutes later to change her clothes, who first observed bloodstains in the sitting room. She then traced the bloodstains to daddy’s room, and found out that he had been killed. We have not seen any sign of Nelson since then.”
A landlord in the area, Akeem Salau, who described the deceased as an easy-going man, said:
“The man has eight children. Nelson is the fourth child. The young man does not have any stable job. He also smokes and drinks heavily. He does not live here, but only comes once in a while. On that Friday, some people saw him in the afternoon. The people who saw him said he was unstable. He went into their house, and it was a few minutes later that they found the father dead. He fled immediately. When I went in to see the corpse, I observed that the old man was stabbed in several places. No one could have been so wicked except one was on drugs.”
Meanwhile, the Anambra state police command recently made a shocking discovery in a room along Olisa Onyeka Crescent, Commissioner’s quarters, Ifite, Awka.

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