kim kardashian dethroned by a new instagram queen

Kim Kardashian took over the Queenship of Instagram from Beyoncé in August when her followership surpassed that of the halo singer unfortunately, her reign has come to an abrupt end 5 days after she celebrated her enthronement.. 

See the new Instagram queen after the cut:
There was a power shift hours ago which saw singer Taylor Swift shooting up with over a million followers, beating Kim Kardashian to become the most followed account on Instagram with 45.64m followers, while Kim Kardashian grapples with 45.56m.


Taylor has yet to comment on the latest of her many accomplishments, but she better act fast, because things can change in a matter of hours — just ask Kim who lost her crown just a few days.

who knows who might overshadow Taylor Swift soon as the competion keeps getting tougher.

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