Touching tale of how MI’s late Girlfriend inspired his hit song

Chocolate City CEO, Jude ‘MI’ Abaga definitely had it rough before he broke through the ranks as a renowned rapper.
The Charmian singer, has been evading questions from the media about his love life for quite some time now and the Closest person linked to him romantically has been Ex Beauty Queen, Erica Okundaye.
His Love Life however goes deeper than that.
In an recent Interview, the Rapper opened up about how he got the inspiration to record his Hit Track ‘one Naira’  from his old Flame who died of leukemia.
According to him, their Love life and Experiences surrounding it spurred him on to write a song about her even after she had passed away.
“When I was writing the song, ‘One Naira,’ there was a girl I was dating at the time. She is dead now. At that time, I remember that we used to ride on motorcycle to meet each other. It was normal then. She could not come to my house neither could I go to hers, so we would meet at an eatery.
When we get to the eatery, we couldn’t just sit without buying anything so we could buy one meat pie and share. As an artiste, such moments remain in my heart and I can write about it.
But now what can I do? Any girl that I meet now would drive to my house. I live alone in my house. Things change and one has to be very careful so as to allow inspiration flow to you even when success comes. When the lady died of leukemia, I felt very terrible.
We were great friends even though we broke up before her death. We dated for about a year and half,”

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