photo: Read how a family was poisoned in Enugu

The heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it? I saw this and couldn’t help but share it here. Below is how the person who shared the story on Facebook reported it:
This family in this picture died as a result of food poisoning, they stay in a public yard and the kitchen is outside, the wife’s sister cooked okro soup for the night, and after the family ate and slept, nobody heard from them till in the evening when water started coming out from their room door, so co tenants forced the room open and saw the whole family dead. And even beginning to rotten up.  People cried and prayed and cursed who ever was responsible, before family members took them to mortuary. 

Since last week everybody has been confused only for a lady who is a co-tenant in the compound to confess that she’s responsible for the family’s death. That she put poison in the food to make them sick and not to kill them. Please my people be careful what you eat, where you cook, even things you leave outside in a public yard like, water, slippers, clothes, and always pray. The world is indeed a crazy one and one should hardly trust anyone so please, let’s all be careful! 

The world is becoming increasingly wicked nowadays, we should all be watchful, careful and prayerful.


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