Naija sef…look at what they are saying about Davido's shirtless pic (photo)

OBO himself, Davido took to his Instagramto turn the eyes of his female (and some male) fans by posting the picture above with nothing but a towel.

Well Naija being Naija and fans being fans, Davido was not met with entirely the feedback he had been expecting as a number of people started calling out his non-existent six pack.Full story + some comments after the jump:

One fan with the username, @dvdkanneh initiated the yab by saying”Where da 6 pack at. Nigga u got flat abs.hit the gym mehn”which resulted in a number of otherfans saying:

“Davido where is the 6 pack nah I think say you be do gym o”, and another one joking: “66 pack”.It wasn’t all bad though as some fans came to Davido’s defense saying: “evn dangote no get 6pack”, and “SYM  who 6 pack help ???”.

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