forget Naija look at how long Ugandan President still wants to stay in Office …

When everyone was busy venting their anger on GEJ when he was seeking re election little did we know that some Presidents in Africa have already turned their political seats s into their private ownership and wants to make their selves life presidents

 On Friday July 31, Yoweri Museveni, 70, accompanied by hundreds of supporters picked up a form to run for re-election in 2016. He addressed his party officials and supporters afterwards saying he was asked by his party and members across the country to offer himself for the position.
“The historicals [party leaders] agreed that as a way forward, I come and pick these nominations forms and I offer myself for the position of party chairman and NRM presidential candidate for the period 2015-2021,”The 70 year-old has been president of Uganda since 1986 after he came in through a coup and has been re-elected three times since 1996. Surprisingly, a recent poll suggests that 71% of Ugandans will vote for him again for another term.

The elections will see Museveni challenged by his longtime rival Kizza Besigye, and another contestant

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  1. Alabekee

    I pray that greed doesn't kill our African leaders. Does it mean that he was born to rule alone? It is well

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