Buhari chides Jonathan, says he conceded defeat reluctantly

New set of interesting quotes emerges from the yesterday show “Good Morning Nigeria” which hosted President Muhammadu Buhari
as a guest. The Paradigm reports with reference to the NTA programme that Goodluck Jonathan conceded the defeat “reluctantly”.

Recall that the former president of the country was highly praised for having accepting Buhari’s victory without argument. Buhari had also commended his colleague for exercising the true spirit of leadership. However, the incumbent leader expressed different moods during the widely publicised show explaining that GEJ made the move unwillingly.

He noted that Jonathan had to other choice but to concede defeat, as the world powers had put pressure on the authorities. Numerous countries made it clear that a non-constitutional result would not be accepted.

“Now, you know what was done to threaten the last election, including threatening INEC by telling them that their security could not be guaranteed and they added six weeks extension to the time of the election. Luckily APC won and then reluctantly, the ruling party conceded and the rest, as they say, is history.
“So really the Americans have shown concern, they spoke to the former president, INEC, the opposition and maintained the pressure throughout.

The Americans were in agreement with Europe and Nigeria.
In the course of the programme Buhari also touched upon the sensitive issue of ministers appointment saying that only decent and experienced official would form the cabinet.

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