Oga Saraki wife Toyin and en sister gbemisola still dey fight ooo ( see how wahala start)

Our oga kpatakpata for Senate Bukola saraki get big problem for en side ooo..eehh the amebo wey tell us say oga saraki en wife Toyin still dey beef en sister gbemisola .

Toyin be this.

The amebo we tell us talk say the wahala start when aunty gbemisola wey be senator before bin dey wan come become governor for 2011 but en brother Bukola wet be oga kpatakpata then no gree but en papa wey born them wey be kwara state oga kpatakpata teete come support en pikin gbemisola say make en carry go. Oga Olusola come dey support gbemisola come leave Bukola as that thing come happen wahala blow .
Toyin wey be Bukola wife come carry en busy body join on top the matter come dey support en husband dey shake body for gbemi say y en no go respect en husband na en aunty gbemi come vex for Toyin say why e go dey chuk mouth for wetin wey no concern am e no come dey talk to aunty toyin again say make en carry en wahala go.

We come ask the amebo wey be family member say how things dey.. en come say oga Bukola and aunty gbemi don dey talk say dey no dey fight again but, the people wey their own never do na aunty toyin and aunty gbemi say dey still dey yab dem selves .
Even as they don bury oga Olusola finish then …. Dey still no one gree mek man rest dey still dey fight.

This one na gbemi

This one na rich people their own bottle of alomo be that .


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