Picture show moments cheetahs jumps into tourists vehicle in Kenyan Games reserve and what followed afterwards

This curious cheetah got up close and personal with a tourist while on safari at the Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya.

The wild cat, with its razor sharp claws and teeth, sure is one animal you’d rather not have curling up on your lap.
But, nevertheless, the bold animal hopped into the back seat of a jeep as it drove through the African plains – much to the shock of an Irishman inside…see more photos as you continue

After entering the vehicle, it slowly sauntered over to holidaymaker Mickey McCaldin until it was barely a foot away from his face.

Family friend David Horsey captured the tense standoff between the pair as it looked like the cheetah was going to make himself comfortable on Mickey’s lap.

David captured the pictures on June 12, as the group tracked a well-known family of cheetahs, whose mother is called Malaika.
Having followed them for a couple of days previously, they observed that the family hadn’t had a kill for several days.
David said: ‘The family had been looking for a gazelle for a few days with no luck.
‘As we’d been around for a couple of days, I think they were used to the jeep so the mum jumped on top to get a better view.
‘I think the other cheetah tried to follow her up but went a different way.
‘Once it had got bored of Mickey it turned away and looked out of the vehicle for a few minutes.
‘It just jumped out afterwards.

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  1. naijaflo

    Just looking at the pictures I am scared.Lol. I can imagine how the people there felt. But why use an open car there after that unfortunate incident with the SouthAfrican tourist.

  2. www.glowyshoes.com

    Oh dYs….i an only imagine how scared they were..i i were the one…instantly i yaf say my last last prayer


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