Dear Mom: The unimaginable worth of a mother(poem)

“Dear Mom”

I know, I let you down
I threw your words off
Ever since I attained motherless degree
I lost control of my life
Then they took advantage of my disadvantages.

Grandma sat me down
And painted the past vividly
For me to see.
But, I was all ’bout the future
Not minding that I have a past to learn from.

Dear Mom,
I know you gave your best.
It’s your fault and it’s not your Fault that you fell for the wrong person.
Over the years, I’ve been Overwhelmed in sadness.

Dear Mom,
I hope you will forgive me
Because I would still throw more of your words.
I just need to fight for what you couldn’t fight for.
I understand that you were too cool and mild on issues
But I’m on the reverse
I need to take control of my life.
And look for someone that can fill in the gaps in between my fingers.

Dear Mom,
I don’t know where to study calmness and good behavior any longer!
God said I need to learn how to love but nobody is here to teach me.
So, mama how can you reach me?
Wish you could ‘rite me a love letter from where you are.
I’m really stranded of love.
Your son BinLayo.


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