Five things a Nigerian Man wants in his date( a must read)

Women would like to think that for men, all that matters are a girl’s looks.

But for every man, especially when that man is an African or Nigerian, there’s got to be much more to it.

In fact, it’s a bit naive to assume that given the ease with which women gain and lose weight, a man would fall entirely for something as temporary as mere physical beauty.

Undeniably, it’s the first point of attraction, but hardly the only thing that counts for we men.

1. Unleash the feminine side of you:Men love it when you dress up for a date. Of course it brings out your best features, but it also shows that you’ve put in the effort because your date means something to you. Women don’t always know what suits their body type and some even get an overdose of make-up. Ask a friend whose fashion sense you trust, for help and feedback. The female body is designed to turn on a man. Size or shape doesn’t matter much. As long as a woman is comfortable with her body, it shows. Grace and confidence are super desirable traits for any man.

2. Personality wins it all: In a survey conducted by Floh, an international singles network, the #1 way to make an impression is to have good manners. Who doesn’t love a dynamic personality? And if a girl is not uptight about everything and has a sense of humor, Jackpot! Women that are passionate, well spoken, like to travel and enjoy trying out new experiences are such a turn on. There’s nothing more attractive than a strong personality that has interesting stories to tell. A pretty face is a cherry on the cake!

3. Laugh your way through: The way a girl laughs can do wonders for a guy. It suggests that you like and trust him. A playful grin and a cheerful giggle acknowledging his sense of humor can be very encouraging, and a clear signal to him saying that you enjoy being with him. No wonder guys believe in the phrase “hansi toh phansi”.

4. Honesty: Men are drawn to women who are honest in every aspect of their lives. You don’t have much without trust in a relationship. An honest and loyal woman appreciates her man for what he really is and would never do anything that jeopardizes their relationship. Honesty also rules out any unnecessary judgment over the past and allows a fresh start. That’s a quality that men find worth holding on to.

5. She’s no damsel in distress:Independent women don’t need men, they simply want men. A girl who can pay her bills, keep a stable career, focus on her priorities and still manage to make time for her man, is a winner. Being in control of her decisions and choices makes a girl very attractive. It even makes her dependable. A guy should be allowed to let go once in a while too! So, be the girl who doesn’t need to be driven around all the time and in fact, can take turns driving home when her guy’s been drinking.

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