You think your parents ain't doing enough? Look at how it goes down in Philippines (touching photos)

These children are just a handful of the thousands of young Filipinos paradoxically risking their lives in the heavily polluted water, in order to survive.

Families living in the nearby slums are some of the poorest in the world, with both adults and children reduced to scavenging through waste for the quantities of recyclable materials needed to make a living.

Many still live in squalor and spend their days sifting through polluted water to find anything they can sell to 24-hour ‘junk shops’ that buy plastic, metal, paper and glass by the kilo, which are sold to massive recycling plants in southern China.

The youngsters are at risk of diseases such as respiratory infections, pneumonia, diarrhoea and tuberculosis from wading through the dirty waters or working on one of the massive neighbouring rubbish dumps.

Unicef says the junk shops take all the profit and none of the risk, typically turning over millions of pesos a year, while paying the dump workers around 620 Naira (£2) per day.
And the charity warned the huge risks they are taking are often for even less gains with less demand than ever for the scrap materials they are desperately collecting.

Now you really have every reason to go on your knees and thank God.

This pictures nearly brought me to tears.

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