INCREDIBLE!!! Baby born with heart outside his body

This child has shocked medics all over the world by surviving into his sixth day despite suffering from ectopia cordis which is an incredibly rare heart condition.
Unfortunately, the parents of the baby cannot afford medical help that would allow the child undergo the necessary operations to save his life.
They have therefore started a very desperate appeal to the public in order to raise the necessary funds.
Priyanka, 24, and Nirbhay Pal, 31, earn less than £3 (N947) a day. Nirbhay, father of the miracle baby says “The doctors said we should go to a private hospital and get surgery done. But I am a poor man. We can barely afford two square meals a day. I don’t know what to do.

We are hoping that the government will help us.” I hope everything gets sorted out and this child
finds a way to live a good and healthy life, he has already made it this far.

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