See reasons why you should not give your ATM to anyone

Gone are the days when we just have to be conscious of just our ATM pin that people can now access your account when they have access to your Pin. I never believed in that though even till today. But the issue of giving out ATM is one I can attest to as being real.

1. SHOPPING ONLINE: With your ATM card, you can easily shop online from anyplace in the Country. Now I want to break this clearly. Your ATM card has 16 Digit number at the front part of the card depending if it is MasterCard, Visa or verve but it always come with a pin. Looking at the back of that card is another important digit. This digit is known as the onions (Card verification value). With this pin and your card number, everything is settled. Those involved in internet marketing can attest to this. You can imagine the havoc this person cann wreck if he gets hold of your ATM and goes on online shopping spree with it.

2. SCAM JOBS: This is same story with No. 1 but in different format. Somebody that has an idea on internet stuff can easily use your account to fulfill his mission. Most Hosting companies, Domain registrar and the rest of them make use of your card number and pin so you know what that means when the scammer get hold of your details, he would use it to purchase tons of domain till your account blinks and might even use it to start his own domain registration company lol.

There are so many other things that can be achieved with this details which I won’t advice you to learn after you must have fallen victim for this.
How to prevent falling victim for this ?
It’s very simple. By safeguarding your card just the way we keep our pin ,is the best solution to this.
We can no longer trust people in this generation anymore.


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