World in words: through the eye of a soulful poet (poem)

“World in words”

What’s happening?

Obadiah of today is jailed
For ‘truth-saying’

The streets are hell
With no fires but flames
We chill only at funerals
Now, the beard goes for beards and the breast goes for the breast.

The grasses Martin and Nelson mow are up again.
The blackmail of black males by white male grows healthier in sickness.

If Water is a racist

We’ll both suffer.

If sun is a warlord
    We’ll all burn

 And if the manhood goes for manhood We are slapping God.

This is much more than written words it’s the out cry of a heart.

-Oluseyi BinLayo


Oluseyi is a soulful poet that is inspired by events around him. 

Would you like the world to hear your heart speak.

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