Funny things ladies do just to be sen as "Big girls"

The wavelength of ladies living fake life in order to be seen as “Big Girls” has hit elastic limit which is common to Nigerian babes and their counterparts across the globe.

Fake accent, Pirated wigs and other gibberish things are being exhibited by these categories of ladies in order to clinch the High and Mighty of the society like politicians, top business men, etc whereby they result to doing shameful things which are;

1. Running After A dude Because He is Rich

Due to their level of desperation, they chase rich dudes like football by dressing half unclad to his house, office and other private places. Their intention is to stylishly “magad” the rich dude to get them cars and etcetera to do show off among their friends.

2. Skin Bleaching and Excessive Make-up

Categories of such ladies don’t like the word “Black is Beautiful”. Perhaps they inherit such vague intellect from Michael jackson who turn himself to “Oyinbo Agric Fowl”. Hitherto as a result of their belief men go for yellow pawpaw, they bleach their entire body and put up excessive make up like scarecrow. “Nah them u go see for daylight like Beyounce but early morning, dem be like oshiomole”

3. Photo Shop Their Pictures With Top Celebrities

“Idle mind na devil workshop true true”. Celebrities work their way to the top through hard work. Some ladies however use their money to hire professional graphic designer in order to combine their pictures with super stars. Yeye dey smell.

4. Purchase Second Hand Wears and Claim It was bought new @ overseas

I have seen ladies going to uncle chinedu enterprise to bend down and select clean tobunko clothes, underwears, shoes, etc which is common at yaba, oshodi, aba and broadstreet markets. Furthermore, they do some finishing touches to the wears and boast like peacock among their friends they went for shopping @ dubai, Paris and other exotic places in the world.

5. They Rent Expensive gadgets and Borrow accessories to impress

You see them rent expensive cars like range rover sport and borrow valuable accessories from their friends in order to be seen as Jennifer a.k.a biz galz

6. They Wear Very Skimpy and Over-tight Outfits

I don’t know how some ladies do it in such a way that they use bra to pump their cleavage as if a vulcanizer did the job. Anyway, these category of ladies are seen wearing very short, revealing and tight outfits to pass a message across guys I don’t do broke dude. “How person daughter go dey wear pant and bra for daylight. No be madness dey come so”?

7. They Wear Clothes With Different Colour Combination

Person no go hear word if them hit jackpot as the latest big girl in town. What else do u expect from a confused lady wearing colour riot outfit like Calabar masquerade. Miss match colour outfits is a show of shame and a big mess.

8. Moving with Popular Colleagues

Perhaps they possess little attributes of Awon biz gals, they display “me too belong attitude” by moving with friends who live expensive and fake life.

9. Updating DP and Personal Messages Like Antivirus Software

They change their display pictures on BBM, forum, etc like menstrual pads and update their personal message(PM) like antivirus software.

For example:

Sunday: Chilling @ Eleguishi Beach

Tuesday: Hanging out with friends @ sheraton

Wednesday: Preparing for AY show on Friday.

So on and So forth. Who cares to know? Mtcheww!

10. Cat walking like Naomi Campbell

Ladies with their funny act. If you can’t do naomi Campbell cat walking, why wearing a 9 inches heel shoes. All in the name of big girl syndrome, she make silly noise with their “ko ka ko ka” aba heel shoe like bell gong.

True or nay ?

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