Five things ladies would lie about they consider normal

In their world it’s norm but in our world is what it is ‘lies’

1. NAME: She is such a beautiful girl; exaggeration cannot describe the elegancy of her beauty.So you walk up to her and said “Hi am Starling” and she replied “Am Mariam” when in actual fact her name is something like *Rokiatu*

2. STATUS: In the name of forming you hear something like am in a Relationship when in actual sense she has just been dumped.

3. AGE: That awkward moment you learn afterward from your friends the Lady you are dating is Five Years older than what she told you she was.

4.VIRGINITY: No story on this it’s all over the place

5.FEELINGS: Well I don’t care about him I never Love him…he can go to hell …whereas she is back in her room crying her eyes out over the guy she claim not to Love.If you Love him nko?

True or Nay

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