5 things women secretly admire in guys

Here’s a quick look at some of the things ladies admires about guys:

1. VOICE: If you have such a thin, rhythmic all the way Lovely voice it takes small time You get many admirers from the Lady’s crew.

2. ACCENTS: A Prof once asked a guy if he truly was a graduate. Why? because he said the guy spoke English like a farmer. Good accent makes you unique and uniqueness earn you a lot of admiration from the Lady’s crew.

3.TALENT: You ever wonder why Ladies keep falling for celebrities like Davido or why 2face can impregnate anything impregnable? it’s talent. Two talents Ladies admire in guys are Dancing and Singing. I have the latter.

4. INTELLIGENCE: No much explanation, intelligence is an automatic door for admiration. Ladies love smart guys.

5. CALMNESS : She just keep staring at you as you sat down there in perfect Calmness and Gentleness in the face of Trouble.

True or nay

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