10 hilarious things ladies do when they want to snatch their friend/colleague's boyfriend.

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When the hunter becomes the hunted then the generation of hunters is in great danger and that’s exactly what is treading nowadays as boyfriend snatching activities is increasing at an alarming rate.

Ladies perform voracious acts to steal their colleague’s boyfriends at any cost without considering the consequences and these acts are;

1. Consultation Of Herbalists

Some ladies are so desperate that they seek herbalists for spiritual assistance to help snatch their friends’ boyfriends. The guy in question has no choice other than to dance to her tune. “Hmmm Juju at work” .

2. Seduction

Just because men are moved by what they see, those who want to snatch their friends’ boyfriends dress half unclad, give close marking, act seductively (bosom brushing him, etc) and show sexual green light. They eventually nutmeg the dude after successful implementation of seduction.

3. Mid-Night visitation

This is best time these category of ladies unleash their snatching prowess. She visits him in the middle of the night saying she can’t sleep alone in her room due to loneliness and need to pass the night at his place. “Room whey she don dey sleep for the past one year”. Which kind yeye loneliness they worry her now?

4. Notice Me Attitude

When her friend’s boyfriend is around, that’s when she starts acting awkward. She starts cat walking unnecessarily and will be talking about her taste in fashion and all that.

5. She Bad Mouth Her To Her Boyfriend

She talks about how her friend flirts around with her male suitors. She will further tell him to promise her that he should not let her friend know that she was the one that actually told him. This is a bid to make the guy have her hated.

6. Labels her as a notorious gold digger

She discusses privately with the dude telling him her friend is just after his money, and how she has been duping guys in exchange of her kitty-cat. She will further advise him never to rely on her and find someone else.

7. She acts like holy mary

They camouflage under the wimps of holy Mary by stylishly preaching the word of God and inviting him to church programme. This act is peculiar to churches as she takes “brother John” to sexual journey during private evangelism. “If I hear say na God word she dey share”

8. She becomes a monitoring spirit

The consequence of excessive stalking may result to her becoming a monitoring spirit. She monitors his movement and activities like someone using periscope to view planetary bodies. Obsession overshadow her mental faculty as the guy becomes her course of study.

9. She goes for cooking seminar

Yoruba people say “olobe lo loko”. Which means A lady who can prepare sweet delicacy owns a husband. This is when she goes for several training on cooking and applying it where necessary to steal her friend’s boyfriend.

10. Sugar mummy mechanism

Due to her financially stability, she use this as a bait to lure her colleague’s boyfriend by purchasing his favourite items after research activities has been carried out. She provide every avenue to make life comfortable for the guy more than his present girlfriend.

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