Photos: When a cake tells your story, VIVIDS cake Story .

Most of us when we want to pull a big party just don’t settle for “CAKES” We want a cake story i.e a Cake that kinda portrays typically what we have in mind towards the party.

We’ll don’t search any further let me bring to you VIVIDS CAKE AND CONFECTIONERIES .
Vivids Cakes are not just cakes they are stories put in cake form ranging from traditional artistic cakes to English modern views .

Let’s look at the pics

This portrays the very moment your dream as a spinster or bachelor comes to pass

The different steps towards a great rise to the peak. Obviously a success story.

The culture we call our own. Simply artistic.

When you reach success your cake can tell the story.

Still looking for the perfect anniversary cake? You are here now

Take some time out to appreciate mama and let the world know that you made it because of her prayers

VIVIDS contact: 0703 253 2208

Vivids’ got you anywhere anytime.
Call now and let the cake tell your story.

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    Whoa!!! Great IMO Star!!! Great… ayam uber excited… You went to IMSU?! Yyyyyyyaaaaaayyyyy ayam smiling like a fish right about now… **takes 3 deep breaths… Oya Duru calm down and don't misbehave yaself nah… Scratch that…. Oh mehn!!! I can't keep calm…. I found me an Imo Star on blogger… **wears Mr. Nigeria smile…. 🙂

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