POEM: "HUSTLE ZONE" Along the boulevard of uncertainties


I saw footsteps scattered randomly
Like an order less kingdom
It was beautifully stressful
When I made my first step in.

I read some of the footsteps;
Different stories but each story featured difficulty, patience, failure, focus and success.

Two dawns in hustle zone
zoomed the smudged picture
a bit clearer.

I need to make my footsteps the greatest story in hustle zone!

CREDITS :Oluseyi

The author.

7 Replies to “POEM: "HUSTLE ZONE" Along the boulevard of uncertainties”

  1. www.glowyshoes.com

    Nice poem dear….ibuse to be a poem lover and writer but the passion has died


  2. Jennifer Ogoo Okolo

    Itreads a deep meaning though. But the writer dint even really knw what dat meaning was. Lol

    Good try


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