Sunday, 6 August 2017

Slay Queen Pops 100 Bottles Of Andre Wine On Herself To Celebrate Her Graduation

Why do Nigerian students pour water and wine on themselves after graduation, is there really hope for young Nigerian graduates going by the current outlook of the country.

A beautiful slay queen who goes by the name “@QualityBedding ” on Instagram , has shared a video of herself popping and wasting more than 100 bottles of Andre wine on her body , just to celebrate her graduation from the University.

She graduated on Friday 4th August alongside IMSU SUG President Mr. Franklin Ugochukwu and others as discovered by Elijah.


  1. She is not sure of employment and you are wasting money

  2. Its her money

  3. Kidney sellers

  4. I need this bae contact pls

  5. Sugar daddy is at work


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