Friday, 17 March 2017


She was dressed in her white ballerina dress, her dark hair danced lightly on her shoulder, her eyes twinkling exuberantly, even the moon could not compare to the glowing in her eyes....."She’s so in love" one of her numerous spectators exclaimed longingly. "Awwwwwn I wish I were in her shoes” her right hand maiden whispered giving her the lady's wink. She was clearly lost In her fairy tale world, only that this time it was reality, gracing the occasion like never before, adorning the dance hall benevolently with her dignity, her moves impeccable, she didn't miss a step, never stepped on her dance partner's feet. Her dance partner! Oh, her dance partner, her rosy petal, her omiha ...what words could voice out her heart and what she felt for him. *** The king was obviously held captive by its tresses, He looked straight into her dilated pupils, and she loved Him; that much was obvious. He filled her world. She wasn't a good dancer but she practiced till her toes hurt, she didn't want to disappoint Him, didn't want them to disappoint the world. She wanted the world to know she was His, and they knew; only He wasn't sure she knew. The music was still slow but her steps were getting faster, twice she stepped on His feet, "sorry" she smiled politely but her eyes were far from Him. She was bored, He could tell from her impatient mannerisms that she was tired, tired of trying to please the world, to live up to a certain ridiculous expectation. He walked off to change the song just for her. Did she think He left her hanging? Of course not. She was already swirling in the arms of another, dancing with the same flexibility. She threw Him a glance and that was all. He knew what the excuse will be this time "you left me for another". He had had enough. He strolled purposefully to the lowly drenched looking slave dressed in the most impure improper outfit "May I?” He smiled at her. "Sure" she replied only too glad to have a King beckon her and now He was dancing with another like she feared. Yet, she wasn't replaced, she can't be. * * * What was she thinking? Dancing with a stranger dressed in black, she looked around, and there was no one, no cheering, and no admiration since she exchanged her white pure dress for a matching colour with her new partner. Her ex-partner on the other hand seemed to attract the world with His bride. She felt a surge of jealousy as she watched Him, she tried to ignore, tried to focus on her new partner but the dance was getting slack to her, her toe was hurting, she felt sour and her eyes were spinning. She tried to slow down but he wouldn't let her, she wanted to leave but He held her firmly. "Stop" she gasped, but he wasn't listening, his fingers eating deep into her skin. This dance was hurtful. "Stop" she yelled, but no one was coming to her rescue, one frustrating glance around made her aware they were alone, she had been so caught up in her mind, she hadn't noticed she was far from the dance hall, far from the King, far from home, alone with this stranger in a strange place. She felt dizzy now, she wanted to collapse. He finally let her go but she was too weak and she knew not where she was. He knew that, he was loosening his belt. "What are you doing?" she asked weakly, rhetorically as she fell flat on the ground. She knew he wanted to rob her of what was left of her, her purity. * * * The dance was smooth, He just announced His new partner and already she had the crowd even with her eyes firmly fixed on Him and only Him. Her moves were pleasing. However, He was perturbed; His ex-partner (what she will call herself, although she was still very much His) was no longer in the dance hall. He scanned through for her but she was nowhere to be found. He looked at His new partner, her face glowing with gratitude, she was new, and set free....He took a bow. He had to get to her, where did she go? Where did he take her? His pulse raced, hadn’t she just betrayed Him again? He could turn back now, but who will come back for her? He knew no one will. She isn't very much loved but she's His queen, His heart. Her face danced before Him, her smile, her eyes, her innocence, He went after her. Like a lion, He flared up when He saw the scene; He got there just in time, what was that junk trying to do. "Whoop" was the only sound heard as He descended on him and rescued His bride. * * * "Omiha!" she exclaimed, relieved at the sight of Him, she was weak and one look at her eyes, He could tell they were still lit, but with tears. He cupped his hands around her face gently as she whispered her favourite punch line "Am sorry". This time He knew she meant it. "Dance with me" He motioned her with His chin. "Dance?" She protested weakly, looking confused, she couldn't even stand straight. He knew that, but she didn't understand Him. He never liked the showy flexible dance; He wanted her in His arms, clinging to Him tightly as her only support, not her spectator. He wanted her face glued to His and only His. He wanted her head resting firmly on His shoulders. Most of all, He wanted them alone, no third party, no spectators, no observers or fault- finders that she so desperately wanted to prove wrong. He wanted the dance slower.............curtains fall. Dear readers, don't be carried away by the excessive romance, I'm just a hopeless romantic. In reality, that's my love relationship with Christ. So bring your head down. Lol. Anyway thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed and I hope it spurs you up into deeper intimacy with God. Written by; © ROLI HAZEL (

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