Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Horror! Married Man Accidentally Slices His Own Neck With an Angle Grinder While Renovating His Home (Photos)

A married man who was only trying to renovate his home, has ended up meeting a really calamitous end in the process.
Suwan Ladee suffered horrific injuries after dropping a power tool on himself
Suwan Ladee, a 54-year-old dad has been killed in a horrific accident after slicing through his own neck with an angle grinder saw while fixing his house.
According to The Sun UK, the man was doing DIY work on the property in Samut Prakan province, Thailand, on February 28 when disaster struck.
The father-of-one was standing on scaffolding and reaching above him as he changed wooden beams infested with termites, witnesses said.
But as he did, Suwan tragically slipped, dropping the power tool – which did not have a protective cover around the blade – directly onto his neck.
The circular saw sliced through his throat, cutting down to his chest and spraying blood everywhere.
The angle grinder that killed the man
Suwan then stumbled and fell to the ground in front of horrified pals who had been helping him with the renovation.
His devastated wife Nong, 52, said: “My husband was working with four other people, working all together to fix that house and get rid of the termites.

“I’d just gone into the kitchen to prepare lunch for everyone then heard the problem.

“The saw had hit him then he fell down from the scaffolding.”
Horrific images how the blood-spattered appliance lying on the floor where it fell in the back yard of the property.
The stricken dad can also be seen lying in a pool of blood.
Around him, emergency workers desperately battle to save Suwan’s life – but he tragically died from his injuries.
Deputy Inspector Police Captain Weerapol Soodsaikaew, from Prapradaeng police station, said: “Rescuers arrived at the house and found Mr Ladee at the front of the house with a large cut in his neck down to his chest.

“Mr Ladee’s wife was with him and she was crying.

“We are speaking with her and the other people working on the home to investigate what happened.”

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