Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Check out this Limousine Keke Napep

An ultramodern tricycle caused a stir in the FESTAC area of Lagos State yesterday around 6th Avenue.
The so-called 'Limousine Keke'
In the coming months, technologically improved Tricycles might be storming Nigeria as Lagosians have started importing them.
The tricycle which is well covered like a mini-bus costs a whooping sum of N750, 000 as against the conventional one that goes for a sum of N650,000.
It comes with an extra seat, doors, windows, standardroof and more space with a small cooling fan to boost ventilation.
The interesting feature of the tricycle is that it doesn't use fuel. It is powered by electricity. The tricycle operator told a Tori News correspondent it could move around town for a period of two days after being charged for just four hours.
The new Keke Napep is very rare in Lagos as commercial riders are watching earnestly before investing in such. The improved Tricycle rode around 6th Avenue in Festac Town towards the Apple junction area amidst amusement by passers-by and commutters.
Unfortunately, the disadvantage of using the 'Limousine Keke' surfaced as the jolly ride involving some Tori News reporters was cut short when the battery of the transportation system suddenly went flat.
It had to be apparently towed to when it could be charged around 7:30pm. The reporters were left stranded as they took pictures to share with the world.
The bad news again is that the 'Limousine Keke Napep' is imported. Such a simple tricycle can be conveniently developed in Nigeria if our brothers in the South-eastern part of Nigeria can simply focus and be financed by the government.

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