Friday, 12 June 2015

Look at the reason why you should destroy your recharge card after using

Yes! You’re a Mobile Phone user and you Load Recharge Card on a daily basis or Weekly basis… The Ability to Destroy your Used Airtime might just save you from a Lifetime Mess.
Do you know the Techniques some Criminals are using this Days? Read below:-

When Innocent Nigerians Loads Airtime and Dispose the Used Recharge Card it on the Street,

They (The Criminals) pick it up and Take it to the Scene of the Crime, So when the Police arrives and see Used Airtime, They pick them up and Get the Information of who so ever loaded the Airtime.

Then the Innocent Soul will be Arrested and Punished for Crime they never Committed.

NOTE:- All Used Airtime should be Properly disposed, You can Tear them into Pieces or Burn to Ashes after Used.
Goodluck Nigerians, May God save us from Crime we did not commit.

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  1. Heard this too, may God save us


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