Saturday, 16 May 2015

I have no issues with Onyeka Owenu - patience ozokwor , clears air on rumours

Patience was in short supply when veteran Nollywood, Patience Ozokwor addressed her rumoured quarrel with colleague, Onyeka Onwenu.

They were reports last week by a national daily that the actresses were involved in a shouting match over funds during the electioneering campaign of President Goodluck Jonathan.

Mama G as she is called told Best Of Nollywood, that she was shocked and disappointed when she learnt about the report.

“I really do not know why people write what they can’t investigate. Ms. Onyeka Onwenu and I do not have any issues. I have never been to her office before and she has never been to mine. We see at different functions and greet ourselves with respect accordingly,” she stated.

She pressed further ‘Why should the write false stories about us just to sell their papers. Anyone who stains my name that I have struggled to build will have to answer to God in heaven. I am not a new act that will be looking for scandals on the internet.

‘If I have issues with anyone, I walk up to the person call him or her and trash it out and then move on. I was shocked when this this nasty story came up after after Ms. Onyeka and I attended then much awaited AfricaMagic Igbo Channel launch in Enugu with so much joy and laughter.

‘The writer of that story should do a retraction or face the wrath of God. I’m still in great shock that a paper I respect so much could stoop so low to go to the Press without confirming their stories. Guess the company needs to re-train and re-brand their staff(s) more. If you feel you want to dent the name (MAMAG) to sell your papers. God will judge you,’ she concluded.

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  1. The price you pay for being a celebrity


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