Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Photos: Talk about style in victory celebration talk about about Rochas' style

After Saturday's test of might between APC and PDP one would agree with me  that the least you expect someone that emerges victorious from such tussle is to keep his Celebration low key.
Well Okorocha didn't settle for a low key kind of celebration as he took to major roads to show how popular his victory was.

Pachigo's updates was in hand to get some pics as they move...hey we weren't in the entourage just doing our job this blog is still neutral

  Below are pics from his celebration. Along major roads and towns in Owerri. 

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  1. Where are the pple of the state? It's shows that he is not as popular as he claims. I xpect the Okada and Keke riders with market women and children to join in the celebration

    1. Aj Gabriel let me not start from you OO if he's not popular how come he won

  2. I think Rochas is popular .....thanks Aj for coming around


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